The Sedge Group

The Sedge Group, LLC, headquartered in Delaware, USA, has been providing advertising, editorial, marketing, PR, and web consulting to a global clientele for over two decades. The company currently operates offices in the United States and Europe.

Having worked with thousands of international customers, such as AT&T, BankAmerica, DeepBridge, Discovery Channel, MCIWorldcom, Mobil Oil, and Newsweek, Sedge Group consultants become an integrated part of the customer's team. Working hand-in-hand with senior management, they insure that strategies and services provided match the goals and vision of the company.

Specializing in international advertising, editorial content, marketing, PR, and web design, The Sedge Group combines professionalism and expertise through its staff and partners like PR Newswire, the world's largest news distribution agency, and e-photomail, creators of unique real-world and viral marketing applications.