New military/thriller novel, Death Watch, compared to works of
Forsyth, Clancy and Ludlum.


Liezl Ruiz, book and movie critic for Zirev, called SAN DIEGO, February 15 – “This is one of the best thrillers I have read in ages,” is how C. Stuchl, a reviewer at NetGalley, described the new novel, Death Watch, by Michael Sedge and Joel Jacobs. “The characters are very well developed and the whole scenario is very well planned out. It is so real that it could happen today. I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves military/thriller stories.”

Based on a DELTA Force commando turned terrorist and planting the deadly Ebola virus on the world's most powerful warship of its time, the USS George Washington, Death Watch was recently released by Motivational Press.

“It especially reminds me of Frederick Forsyth’s great novel The Day of the Jackal,” explained Amazon reviewer, Robert P. Gelms. “The attention to detail is amazing…I had an edge-of-my-seat reading experience. The authors are accomplished military thriller writers and the description of life on an aircraft carrier is as real as it gets…It’s a big, deadly war machine. This is where I was most reminded of Tom Clancy’s books. I felt I was living right there with them on board.”

Death Watch “a fast-paced, adrenaline-pumping page-turner of a thriller book, you'd not likely tear your eyes off the pages once you start reading it. And the narration? It's staggeringly smooth…Reading feels like actually watching a movie from the big screen. It's just authentic; this book is made for a movie.”

Goodreads reviewer, Mallory Heart, wrote that Death Watch is, “in the tradition of Frederick Forsyth and Robert Ludlum.”

Huntington New Network’s David Kinchen echoed this in a review stating that, “Following a format established by Frederick Forsyth in The Day of the Jackal, Sedge and Jacobs populate their book with believable characters, both on the aircraft carrier and in Europe and Africa. This, I believe, makes their work superior to authors who present us with cardboard-cutout, one-dimensional people. If you're seeking a thriller that combines elements of Clancy and Forsyth, Death Watch is a good choice. I read it in one sitting and was impressed with the writing.”

Death Watch is available in paperback, Kindle and ebook editions from Amazon.com and BN.com.